Our Story

Simply put, CEO/brilliant mind behind The Melamine Kitchen, Elena, believes melamine dinnerware is wonderful, lightweight, affordable, unbreakable, the best thing since sliced bread, easy-to-clean, and she loves to buy it for herself, her 8 children, her 8 children’s friends and everyone else she knows. The problem was she couldn’t find melamine dishes in the colors she wanted or for the price she was willing to pay.. So she started a website.

Phew. That was a mouthful.

For the long version, continue on…..

Elena began buying melamine dishes when her children were young because they were much more affordable and practical than Corelle or glassware.

Elena says, “I quickly discovered they were unbreakable and would always go straight to them when I opened the cupboards. With 8 kids I didn’t have to worry so much after putting out a meal. I could go back to cooking and didn’t have to be a nervous wreck thinking that one of the kids would throw a dish on the floor and break it.”

“Throughout the years I kept buying melamine dishes and using them more and more. I have 3 sets that I’ve used in my home for over 30 years. We use a couple sets at our lake house for inside and outside entertaining. And even on our boat! When my children started getting married I figured they would love to use melamine as much as I do. So I began buying them for wedding shower gifts. I now buy them for any wedding I’m invited to. They’re perfect for everything and so convenient!”

In the last few years, Elena started having difficulties finding melamine dishes to match the home of the person she was buying them for. All of the big box department stores had very limited colors and patterns to choose from. She would spend hours online looking through sites, eventually realizing that there simply wasn’t anywhere to shop that offered a large variety of melamine dinnerware.

Enter The Melamine Kitchen!

Thank you for taking time to read about where we came from! Please continue to visit our site as we bring on more colors, patterns and seasonal products.